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The law of gender is being brought into awareness for you

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The law of gender is being brought into awareness for you

Today, electric and magnetic forces to move you.

We all are moving in similar and not-so-similar directions. For some, they make their choices based upon a focus on the material world. You’ll find these folks body-centric. Others are involved in the intellectual. So they spend most of their time in the mental world. And then, you have those focused on the soul and its transformation… so for them, emphasis on the spiritual world. Individually and collectively, the Universe organizes everyone so that their focus is brought into alignment by the others so that all 3 worlds are in constant mingling and transmutation. We being made of the elements, are influenced as they are by the electro-magnetic forces that govern. So enlightenment comes when those forces inside of you are brought into symmetry. Of the 7 hermetic principles, the law of Gender is being highlighted this day for you. Go ahead and set your intentions to learn more. Much love.

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