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The kind of manifestation you are made for

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The kind of manifestation you are made for

We spend a lot of our time at work. For some of us, it represents the best expression of who we are. For others, it is a means to fund other ambitions where fulfillment is found. Everyone experiences this world in slightly different ways. It’s how one person feels great doing a particular activity while another can’t. We are all made for certain functions. Some use their body more than anything else. For others, it’s their mind or Spirit. There is always a lead outlet based upon the kind of manifestation you are focused on and made for. So what is your job really? It’s to become aware and change what you are manifesting (not necessarily how). For example, if you are a body person, that is your dominant outlet, and so you may use that kind of energy to shift yourself into a higher frequency (and you may show others how to as well). When you change who you are… it changes what you manifest and you gravitate naturally to your dominant outlet for its release. Something to think about. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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