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The day to resolve it for good

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The day to resolve it for good

Today, it’s about the packaging.

When you’re feeling lack in some area of your life… spend some of your awareness there evaluating the truthfulness. You might find that your frustration is coming from how it’s packaged. Just because what you want isn’t being delivered in the way you want it… doesn’t mean it’s not happening. A solution is if you can recognize that you ARE receiving, then you can focus on why you are not appreciating it in the same way as if it had been delivered in the way you hoped for (and keep hoping for). That’s productive use of your mind instead of allowing it to build more stories around your issue which then feeds more emotion towards it, making it a recurring problem for you. The energy today makes it easy to be in the wrong space about what you do and don’t have. If something is being brought up in you – this could be the day to resolve it for good. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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