That we’re not going along with what everyone else is doing automatically

Today, messages and signs you are receiving.

There are energetic milestones that mark our year. As we come upon a new one in the next 30 days, you’ll find that there are moments when you are guided to do something in preparation. These messages and signs you are receiving suggest your next steps… but you have to be aware and listen for them. Sometimes we’re not clear on “why” we’re doing what we’re doing… but it comes from inside and so we do it. That’s important right now. That we listen and act from what we’re being shown on the inside and that we’re not going along with what everyone else is doing automatically. We are in a sorting time and it’s about you being you. We all have different missions while we’re here and as each of us plays our role, the bigger story unfolds and our contribution is known. Everyone is a main character in the epic at some time. What if it’s your turn today? Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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