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Sometimes you have to be the lighthouse

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Sometimes you have to be the lighthouse

Many blessings 🙏 I want to give you some encouragement. When you feel strongly about something and that results in something you will or won’t do, and it disappoints others which is not your intention, but still IS the result… it’s going to be ok.

When you walk a path of principle – it’s not yours to pass judgment – but it is yours to live by what’s true and what is right inside of you – even when others can’t see it or it’s not inside their paradigm. If they can’t see it, how can they feel like you do? So go easy on others – but don’t let the blind dissuade you from what you know is right and moving forward with your purpose.

There is a sorting and the group you’re in is much less than the majority. At some point, you will experience this difference more and more. Be strong. You are loved. You are needed. Don’t give up on you when it gets hard and you’re feeling alone and by yourself. Sometimes you have to be the lighthouse.

You can do this because you are you. You be you. Don’t forget that. Much love to you all 💖🙏

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