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Sometimes what’s needed isn’t wanted

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Sometimes what’s needed isn’t wanted

Today, sometimes what’s needed isn’t wanted. It works like that. Big struggles, lead to meaningful understandings in ourselves and we often look back with sincerity at the toughest times of our life. But when you’re in the moment, not so much.

So if you’ve experienced this, it seems that with a little distance and time… we come to a different conclusion than when we were in the middle of it. Why did you get through it? Because you didn’t give up. It wasn’t because you knew what you were doing… it was because you didn’t, and you still went forward. This is how we grow.

When you stop growing there is no room for your growing spirit. That’s why change is hard. Because the transmutation here occurs in all of you… when you are changed, it affects your spirit, mind and body. You are a light here with power inside, and yet fueled by something from the outside. You are the conjunction where spirit meets matter. Go ahead and set your positive intentions now. Much love. 🙏💖

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