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Sometimes it’s not about making it stop

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Sometimes it’s not about making it stop

Today, the answer to look for.

When you’ve spent too much time thinking about what to do [ in this direction ]… all the other areas of your life pay the price. If you are not getting an answer about [whatever is troubling you] it means the answer isn’t here yet. But it’s our nature that we want to stop the uncertainty we’re feeling so we keep looking. Sometimes feeling something isn’t about making it stop. Sometimes you can’t do anything to get an answer. It has to come at its own time. When you don’t have an answer about an issue, ask yourself what DO you have an answer for. You’ll find that if focus your energy there, you’re able to make a lot of progress. When that is done, look for where you have another answer, do the work, and ask again. This is what I mean by you are always guided.You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll come back around to that issue you didn’t have an answer for… with your answer. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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