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Sometimes it’s like music and sometimes, it’s not

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Sometimes it’s like music and sometimes, it’s not

Today, like strings on a harp.

We’re in a bit of swirl right now. The energy is coalescing, coming together from multiple streams that are building upon one another. This is why for some part of the day you’re good with the energy and at others, not so much. We think of energy as one unit… but it’s really multiple lines that come into contact with each other, with positive and negative charges, twisting upon each other, sometimes combining and in other conditions, repelling each other. Electric creates magnetic forces and magnetic forces create electrical currents. So like the yin-yang symbol, there is a seed of one aspect in the other. What’s the point of this? You are a receptor of these energies and based upon your being-ness, like strings on a harp, you’re plucked – sometimes it’s like music and sometimes, it’s bad tuning and timing. BUT – you are capable of both… and ultimately it’s all by your hand. Right now, when things are out of tune, stop playing and work it out. It’s part of the change needed in you. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much Love.

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