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Something’s off energetically

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Something’s off energetically

You know when you have the flu? And so you don’t feel good already… and then you have this wave of nausea sweep over you…and once that ends, you’re back to not feeling good… but it’s better than when you had to throw up? That’s the energy today.

Something is off already and uncomfortable with waves of downer energy that comes and covers over and then dissipates… and it happens like that… You feel the energy sweep over… it’s there doing its heavy thing… and then it fades out. Another wave comes, but not right behind, it takes a little time between them… super uncomfortable feeling, and again back to the standing position of something’s off energetically. When the energy is like this – it’s not the time to latch onto any of these feelings. Let them flow through you.

Shielding never works (it’s a bad teaching) so if you’re trying that, you’re going to get obliterated and be drowned by the energy. Even though it’s difficult, the best remedy for energy like this is surrender. But not in a spirit of victimhood. But in the spirit of release. Like you’re looked after… let go… you’re in this energy now, so just float in it… you don’t have to paddle your way out (you can’t) – it’s too strong – so let it flow through you and out and away! Yes its uncomfortable. But it’s not permanent and you’ll feel it moving on as you focus on your practice. If you attach to the energy or leave your energy on autopilot without keeping it flowing… you’re going to get filled up quick and cycle into negativity unnecessarily.

This day can still be (and is) a good day for you if you can ascend what’s happening in the collective. Go ahead and set your intentions. Much love 🙏

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