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Some of you needs to catch up to the rest of you

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Some of you needs to catch up to the rest of you

Here’s this weekend’s energy update for you 🙏 Many are feeling like they are moving in slow motion, it’s hard to get things going, it’s a bit of trudging right now… and that is a lot of people… but it’s ok – it’s what happens when you are moving from one thing to another… it’s the shift that’s taking place in so many.

For the next few months, you’ll be ending good AND bad things, habits and actions… to make room for more good things. It’s when the old you is leaving and the new you is arriving that helps to create this feeling of non-motivation slow motion… for there to be a new you… means you are taking a new form, so I want you to recognize that some of you needs to catch up to the rest of you.

This weekend it’s a bit of a ping-pong ball energetically. Go along with the high and use your practice to keep yourself out of the bounce downward. Go with the energy… and if it’s slow going – go slow, if it’s going fast – enjoy that and go. Be aware and let Spirit and energy guide you.

Don’t forget about love too. It’s chicken soup as you take new form. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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