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Some days are better than others

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Some days are better than others

Today, your ability to cause positive change.

Each day offers us special assistance by way of energy. We receive energy in different forms. And energy is the ability to cause a change. So as subtle changes occur in the cosmos, on our planet, and specifically, where we are standing… we are changed. So each day, we are exposed to different energies with different qualities. Based upon our personal vibration… these energies have positive or negative affects on each of us. We process these energies and we vibe out in response… this is our being-ness. As you become more aware, your energy changes. The difference now is that you start to transmute the energy you receive in… instead of being programmed by it. In addition, you recognize that some days are better than others for certain types of activities. You want to work with the flow of things and not try to control the flow of things. This is how you have plans and set your intentions… without trying to set the outcome. By having a positive vibration, more and more positive things happen in correspondence. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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