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So you can be doing what’s right for you

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So you can be doing what’s right for you

Today, making room for what’s coming.

You might be receiving subtle signals that energy is changing. If you’re feeling a little sluggish, a bit in slow motion, and you’re not quite as sharp as your norm, these are signs that you are processing. This change in energy also brings changes in your personal atmosphere. You’ll find that you’re being called to do certain things you’ve been putting off and to find new people who are more in alignment with who you are now. It’s a time where you have to learn new skills and experiment a bit, so you can determine what you’re really supposed to be doing that’s right for you. You’ll find you’re cleaning up and reorganizing because subconsciously you’re making room for what’s coming. Make sure you take moments to recharge by remembering all the good things right now, big and small… and especially the tiny things. Go ahead and set your intentions. Much love.

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