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Slower than “normal”

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Slower than “normal”

You know how you swing your arms when you are in water, and it is really hard to go back and forth really fast… that pressure… that’s what it’s like. Like the energy makes us go slower than “normal”…

This type of energy tends to be frustrating if you’re trying to get 100 things done. So you can see how as the day goes along, people are feeling stymied, and this leads to short tempers, and other ways of acting that out…

For you, try to go a little slower today… and maybe you can get sense of your right cadence in this energy.

That means you might have to take a few more breaks, or put some tasks into another day. The more you push, the more Universe will push back. Be easy. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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