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Slow down and look for love

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Slow down and look for love

Today, hard choices.

I heard someone say that love is a choice. That to love when you have been hurt and betrayed is a choice because it doesn’t come naturally. It makes me think how many other things we feel that are choices too. From small things, we make tiny decisions that when added up, set our course and direction and effect our being-ness positively and negatively. If we’re running on auto-pilot, we may react when someone steps out of line and return fire… it’s a natural reaction. It seems like instinct but it’s just another form of choosing too. I find that when I am more present in what I am doing… I make better choices and it’s easier to stop myself after I take in and before I put something out. Today, it’s easy for things to go down a slippery slope… so choose to slow down and look for love. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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