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Simple Pick-Me-Up

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Simple Pick-Me-Up

When the energy seems challenging, it’s good for you to find ways your practice can lift you quickly. Here’s a simple pick-me-up:

Make a short list of what’s important to you. What gives you inspiration… write that down. Just a few lines – don’t write a book.

Next, when you have some moments between things, just read the list, close your eyes and see if you can repeat them in your mind without looking. It doesn’t need to be a perfect match to what you wrote down.

When you open your eyes, say “thank you” to yourself and Spirit.

As you go thru the day, you’ll find you are able to lift yourself and stay up… it’s because after a few times, when you close your eyes, you start to feel what you’re saying to yourself before you even “say it”. (That’s the art of prayer).

Much love 💖🙏

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