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Settle your waters

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Settle your waters

This weekend you’ll find the energy a bit like the sea. So I’m seeing the energy receding (feeling a bit like you’re suspended in air) and then, having collected itself, it will move forward, fast (like time is back on and you’re dropping to the floor). It feels like you’re carried by the wave after you land, tumbling…

The Full Moon this weekend adds to the power of this energetic flow.

It’s important that you are in harmony with what’s on the inside. So for example, you want to go out – go out. If you had plans to go out and want to stay in, change them and stay in. Listen to what will keep you in the best energetic space possible. Listen to your inner voice right now.

A side note: Knowing how the energy is going to be is a foretelling. It’s to help you understand what may cause you and / or others to react or become triggered. The sharing is also meant to inform and validate that there are forces you can’t see (some in this dimension and some in others) that have a positive and negative impact on your being-ness.

This weekend has big energy from forces we can and can’t see. That means the energy will take form in both realms too – the seen and unseen, the physical and energetic/spiritual. I’m seeing some heaviness here. So that’s why I want you to build yourself up with good food – good for you, with love by showing love to others (animals/things too), and be in nature, so you can be filtered and be recharged.

Calm your mind and settle your waters. Collect all of you here. Be present. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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