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Rediscover something here that makes you smile

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Rediscover something here that makes you smile

When you look out from where you are now, what do you see? Are you in a different place? What are you doing? Do you seem happy and fulfilled? Or is the projection about not being here? If your focus is on how you don’t want to be here, and it’s not specific and not so much about what you’re wanting because it’s about the exit door. Unfortunately, many of us keep ourselves in this loop because our future seeing isn’t seeing anything at all – it’s just our wish that something has changed – but it’s hollow because you brought the now to the future with you. Nothing really has changed at all. That’s why hope is forgotten sometimes because it all seems the same and we see it that way. If you’re challenged right now by this, it means you have to re-discover something here that makes you smile. It can be a really small thing or big. But your recognition of it, shifts your energy from away from what’s missing, to something you can appreciate. That could be start of change. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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