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Powerful energies are really going to be felt

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Powerful energies are really going to be felt

Big cosmic energies coming together (and not so much) the remaining portion of this month. It’s already been intense and this next round of these dense, powerful energies are really going to be felt – and by everyone. No one misses this.

So when you’re receiving these electromagnetic forces, the effect for most is a bringing up of negative thoughts during the day and in dreams. You’ll find these scenarios out of character too – so it leaves you disturbed because you know “you’d never do” what you just saw you do in your thought or dream.

These forces are like what hot water does to a pimple. In this case, stuff is building and the poison has to come out… it’s in how you release this building energy that’s a big challenge. We don’t want to lash out verbally or physically and add to the negative zeitgeist. We obviously can’t swallow up a brewing volcano inside either.

Here are some suggestions for you to work through this energy. It’s important to be aware of your vibration and to take an active role in processing this energy.

* So what if you were to focus on that plan you have been working on. What can you get done on that right now? Of course you’re not feeling it. That’s why you have the plan. Don’t analyze anything right now. You’re trying to redirect the unproductive, uncomfortable energy in you.

* Nature will help you. Get yourself around some trees and dirt – allow natural energy to help draw this out of you.

* Take more walks, even in the same day. Do something physical to move all of your body and move built up energy. If you swim, then swim. Move the blood, water and air in your body.

* Build and sit in front of a fire – take in its warmth.

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