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Perhaps the Universe is helping you bring this to the surface?

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Perhaps the Universe is helping you bring this to the surface?

Welcome! Thank you for watching Today’s Energy Reading, and we hope you find something helpful you can use on your journey 🙂

Today, it’s like a pimple.

Different types of energy present different wave patterns. These wave patterns carry frequencies that our bio-electric body picks up. These frequencies are heard by our internal system and consciously or not, we react to them. Energy in this realm moves through electro-magnetic processes which transmutes matter as it becomes engulfed in the wave. Sometimes it’s a temporary affect and at others, it can create a lasting change to matter. When you are being triggered, this is the internal sign that energy is at work behind the scenes and the frequency in it is attracted to, and brings out the matching frequency that you carry. It’s like the head of the pimple coming to the surface because you soaked it with hot water. Perhaps the Universe is helping you to bring these issues to the surface so you can remove them? Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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