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Peace from negative mantras

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Peace from negative mantras

Today’s energy can be soothing if you’ll stop yourself from sitting in the negative mind mantra you’re thinking. What’s a negative mind mantra? It’s when you, in the quiet moments or when you’re tasking on something simple, or driving for a while and you begin to think about what’s not working, hasn’t been working… and your mind says… this won’t either. You ultimately condense these stories into one simple negative phrase inside like “here you go again”… for many of us, we don’t even know we’re doing it anymore.

These mantras become what you’re praying – which is the culmination of what you’re thinking and feeling – that is your vibe… and your being-ness suffers. Enough already.

Take control of what you’re thinking. To start, take 2 minutes with some quiet and ask yourself what you really want. What would make you feel awesome? You may not have answer the first few times… but ultimately, you are re-programming your mind to think about productive things, and so with time on that, instead of “here we go again” – positive change will occur in your life.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love. 🙏💖

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