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One pushes you to act, the other pulls you in

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One pushes you to act, the other pulls you in

Today, visualize the yin-yang symbol.

It’s one thing to witness events as they unfold, and another to participate in them. It’s always a choice. Sometimes principles drive us to action and sometimes, we’re pulled into the story because we’re triggered. In order to be principle-driven, you have to have foundational beliefs that have been compromised. Being triggered means that you have been reminded of old, deep hurts and in an effort to avoid more pain, you act. So one pushes you to act and the other pulls you in. So visualize the yin-yang symbol… recognize that both paths lead you into the story and participating in it… ok if that’s what you want. You choose, don’t have the choice made for you. Also remember, that the seed of each is in the other. So if you do decide to participate, you want your actions to reduce and remove pain, not punish and destroy to create more, and thus continue the cycle (that’s the secret in the symbol). Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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