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Once you get back to the original

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Once you get back to the original

Today, you could do something about it.

You may have been stalling out on something you’re supposed to do. It’s because you are adding other issues with it, and now it’s become a bigger discussion and you can’t see how this all fits together. If you could, you could do something about it. The reason things seem mixed up is because they are. Before you are going to clear this up, you have to remove all the consequences you added to whatever you’re supposed to be doing. You thought, “if I do this, this will also happen, and also that…” and so you stopped yourself with consequences for your actions that weren’t part of the energy of it. And so you changed it and it’s not what or how you are supposed to go forward now. Once you get back to the original, you’ll find you’re ready to go. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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