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Once you feel that way, it will happen for you

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Once you feel that way, it will happen for you

Today, a total transformation.

When you have been awakened, it changes the inside of you. The energy doesn’t just affect your consciousness, but every strand of DNA, and how you process the electrical responses going on inside you. It is a total transformation. As your awareness grows with practice, you grow, and more energy floods in changing all of you again. Like all things here, it is a cycle. This is what I mean by: “Change yourself, everything changes.” And so, as your vibration improves, all aspects of your life around you improve, even the dark moments are not as dark. This is a natural law and I call it, ascension energy. Your practice teaches you how to access this energy. It is a process because you are in process and once you feel that way, it will happen for you. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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