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Negative things don’t have power over you

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Negative things don’t have power over you

Today, as energies flood in.

As we progress through the Universe, dragged behind the sun, the earth in its motion, pulls in the energies of the other planets and cosmic forces into its field, while at the same time repelling others. This is a winding motion, like when you twist the knob on the back of a clock. Based upon what’s going on with you… as energies flood in, you transmute them either positively or negatively. Your spiritual practice shows you what these energies can bring out and also how you are able to change things enough in you so that many of these outside forces are repelled naturally by your being-ness, and those that come into your field, are transmuted positively. Think of the power in that. It’s not that you avoid negative things… it’s just that negative things don’t have power over you and that is true freedom. Is your practice doing that for you? Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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