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Moving in slow motion

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Moving in slow motion

Energy is building and because we’re dealing with super powerful forces right now, you may find yourself feeling loose footed. I think it’s been described as moving in slow motion, feeling a bit jelly-like, it’s kind of like getting out of the water after you’re exhausted and you’ve been focused on just getting to shallow ground so you can stand up… that’s what’s going on.

So you’ve made it… you’re on hard ground now… but you have to keep moving up and away from the water. So realign yourself and your awareness as many times during the day as it takes to keep yourself engaged and positive. Do your work and move on – don’t linger too long in the accomplishment.

It works like that for decisions too. Once made, you don’t need to revisit it 1000 times. Go. Do.

Given the energy for this month, when you have moments of clarity, record those, know what has to be done, so when you’re not feeling it or aren’t motivated, you have the directions you have given yourself to continue to move forward.

If you’re an energy sensitive – work in blocks – so when it’s too heavy, less output – and when it lightens up – use that space to get things done.

Remember that we are in transition from one age to another… of course things will seem shaky at times. You are a product of the times you live in and we collectively, are being called to change the course of our lives from what we have known to something more.

Go ahead and set your intentions. Much Love.

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