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Mistakes are more easily corrected

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Mistakes are more easily corrected

Today, un-doing something.

On some days, mistakes are more easily corrected. This is a day when nothing is set in stone. If you’re witnessing the effects of your actions, you can make changes for the better. Un-doing something is really about coming back to the spirit you had before the event. It means that you are recognizing more is possible than your interpretation of or effects from your actions. This is how you use experience to teach yourself to apply what you’ve learned. The challenge is letting go of the feeling of guilt and sadness from your previous doings. Use those feelings to remind yourself that when you get in the state that caused whatever it is that you’re trying to undo, to remember that if you think, believe, and act on those energies, it leads to more suffering in you. It doesn’t mean that suffering is now gone, just that you aren’t adding more and that is always the first step to the better you. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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