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Make sure you’re responding to today’s energy

Make sure you’re responding to today’s energy

Today, be-ing uncomfortable.

It is in our nature to avoid be-ing uncomfortable. We automatically have taught ourselves that it can only represent something negative. There are reasons for this and it’s easy to be distracted by past experiences that didn’t go well. But we fail to remember that the great experiences were also preceded by feeling uncomfortable. We just never held on because the result was positive and so we chalk that up to being part of the “successful process” that lead to the good experience. But, in all cases, it’s the same energy. We direct that energy based upon what we bring to it. If we’re in a positive space and feeling safe, be-ing uncomfortable isn’t negative. It’s only when we bring fear of repeating past, negative experiences first, before seeing what is really occurring now, that this energy is categorized as something to avoid. This is what it means when people say, “we co-create”. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable right now, make sure you see what is going on first, before taking action to react so that you are responding to today’s energy correctly, and not some past experience automatically. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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