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Look to love

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Look to love

We’re still dealing with unstable energy this weekend. 🙏 So if you’re a sensitive, you’ll find the energy heavy, lessens, heavy again, repeat… when this is happening, you don’t want to ride this. You want to make sure you are grounded and that you’re solid in your space.

It’s never a good idea to define how you’re feeling from what you’re feeling outside of you. But that is what happens to us – it’s why we say, “Don’t bring me down.”

The goal of a spiritual practice is to help you transmute the energy and events that affect you, into something productive or to dispel that energy. That means you know where you are in relation to what’s happening around you. You have to hold your space.

Btw, holding your space is focusing your attention on what’s important to you… which ultimately boils down to giving and receiving love. Don’t compare yourself with others… just show as much love as you can. Don’t worry if others understand you or not. You give love. The more love you give out, the more you receive in. It reminds me of the Tao, “The Tao is like a well: used but never used up… The Tao is like a bellows: the more you use it, the more it produces…”

When it’s rocky… look to love. Much love to you 💖🙏

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