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Little victories inside yourself

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Little victories inside yourself

When a thought comes up with a certain message that could be true about you, it hurts. Often, we’ll try to distract from these uncomfortable thoughts by putting the blame on something or someone else. Sometimes, we turn these hurts into fuel for something we deem as productive. So we become achievers until we recognize that we’re missing some other things on the course of achieving…

When you hear, “look inside yourself”, one of the meanings is to look inside and see what you’re running from, what you’re avoiding, what you’re afraid to face. Because in that avoidance, creates thinking and actions that aren’t in harmony with your true self.

I’m bringing all this up today because what may be true about you (in these thoughts you’re having)… can also be changed. If you can face the hurt, then you can fix it. Now you may not “feel” like it, have “feelings” to want do it, but you know inside that you it’s up to you. If you do fix this in yourself, then you will fix it on the outside. AND you will feel it on the inside then too.

Today’s energy has the impetus for these types of little victories inside yourself.

Imagine the confidence you’re building when inside you, you say “Wait! That’s not me. I’m no longer going to allow a thought like that about me again.” But because you’ve had this thought for a while… it will come back. Say it again and again as it does. Over time, negative thoughts come back less and less, because over time, you don’t believe in them anymore.

Use today’s energy, instead of those hurts that are brought up, to help you to shift. That way you’re fueled by something positive and loving. Just like you should be thinking of you. Let it help. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love. 💖🙏

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