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Listen to your intuition and stay open to hear

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Listen to your intuition and stay open to hear

Today, the noise and what’s important.

Another theme you may have been experiencing is a feeling that something is about to happen… like waiting for the shoe to drop. That’s the collective energy you’re feeling. You are part of that too… and when we get swept up in it, we contribute to that energy and keep it going. It’s why it’s important to listen to your intuition and to maintain your spirit of openness and love. It’s when we’re feeling anxious and not safe, that we want to cover up and go inside, regroup and see if it blows over. It’s an automatic function. But, in most cases, that response doesn’t protect us… it keeps us from examining what we are being shown, and also weakens our connection to receive guidance from Spirit. We try to insulate ourselves at the wrong time. It’s like a cat who hears a different sound in the kitchen… it’s not dangerous, just a different sound. So until they get used to it, their first reaction is to tense up and ready themselves to run. With your practice and awareness, it will only take you a moment to recognize the difference between the noise and what’s truly important for you to act on. Don’t become distracted. Stay aware and open. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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