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Listen to your higher guidance

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Listen to your higher guidance

We are heading to a full moon with a lunar eclipse this week. You’ve probably been feeling more sporadic bursts of energy… and for many, this leads to some mood swings – highs and lows – and the result is a shaking up so you’re not quite clear on whether you should do “that” or not. This is a time to listen to your higher guidance. It’s a time when if you feel strongly, do it. If you don’t, don’t push it – give a little time and see what happens.

You’ll find of the 10 things you are considering, if you’ll examine each one on your list, you’ll know which one (and how many of them) you should get done. And then you have to get to work. So it’s not about quantity right now. It’s about being shown to do “this” – and then you do it and move on. Part of your practice should be to ask Spirit what you should do next. How many times a day do you ask that? Most of us, have a schedule or list of items we have to accomplish… what if you asked Spirit to choose your order of activity… when this happens, you’re opening yourself up for guidance.

It’s like daily training so that on the days when you have big issues, and you’re not together and feeling out of sorts, you can still hear the direction you need in spite of being overwhelmed by the background noise. There is a Universe conspiring for your success. We all get trapped in the thinking that it’s just our own self here (we are alone)… and it is true when you are looking at life through a matter filter… but when you add a Spirit filter to your view… you recognize and can feel many of the forces at work for your benefit. Your soul must be something truly special to have so much and so many resources and energy surrounding you for protection and guidance… and each one of us has that – with multiple energies working together for each person. Imagine if all of us could tap in and realize the love surrounding us! That’s a good wish for today. Show who you can how. Go ahead and set your intentions. MUCH LOVE 🙏♥️

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