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Listen for your Guidance

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Listen for your Guidance

It’s the Full Moon and it comes with serious power. The Moon has influence over our planet’s tides and with you being 60% water, it also has influence over you. 🌓

If you’re feeling a bit tweaked, look to the Moon. What is it calling out in you? Are you feeling energetic and “go” oriented… or is it on the other side of the spectrum, where the anger, fear and anxiousness exist?

The Moon doesn’t give you these feelings, it’s power brings out what is hidden and causing you dis-tress. As you work on you, and eliminate and dispel trauma and deep hurts, the Moon heals and brings out even more love. Think of the Moon like a Mother who is always hopeful and loving, and yet won’t let you get away with being less than you are and her disapproving look is all you need to get back on track. Huge pride in your accomplishments is the feeling the Moon can show you too. Tap into that.

As I grow and see others grow… I have seen so many forces that are working for our benefit and well-being here and in Spirit. Of course there is a dark side and unfortunately, we look to more of that a lot of times than we recognize what’s good. But the good is there, always.

So on this Full Moon, soak it up and embrace it. Let go to your self and to Spirit and listen for your guidance. It’s there, shining on you. Much love and many blessings 💖🙏

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