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Letting the flow take you

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Letting the flow take you

Today, no pushing away.

If you’re hard with yourself, you will be hard on others. By the way, it’s not really about lashing out… but what you’re thinking and feeling on the inside about everyone. When you don’t need anything from someone else, there is no reason to, or not to, trust them, what they say, do… That means that there is no reason for you to manage or anticipate what or how they will perform. You can let them be them… while you be you. This practice is the hardest. If you don’t like something… energetically, whatever you’re focused on (which is now polarized and opposite to your magnetic flow), mirrors in your intensity. On a boat, your paddle pushes the water backwards, moving you in the opposite direction. People are like that too. So if you can be true to you, you’ll see all that’s going on and you can steer around what you need to, letting the flow take you and without you paddling at all. No paddling means no pushing away. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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