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Learning how to do this is why you’re here

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Learning how to do this is why you’re here

Today, the secret science of your vibe.

If you think of all the planets (and the Sun and Moon), and draw straight lines from them to the planet Earth – this is a simplified visualization of their energy directed. As they orbit the Sun, they come together in the same location, these lines cross, and then they distant themselves from each other. The interactions between them create relationships based upon their magnetic polarity. The interactions between them and the Earth are some of the outside influences affecting us and our consciousness through these magnetic fields. As these fields cross it creates a frequency that we respond to automatically – because our response is based upon the frequency we are putting out. These frequencies also have relationships and when they interact, it changes the magnetic field. This is how someone can enter a room and the energy changes almost immediately. This is how what you’re vibing attracts more of the same. These forces are like a river and you can choose to walk on the surface, instead of swimming across. This is what we mean by ascension energy. Learning how to do this is really why you’re here. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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