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It’s only when another body comes into our atmosphere…

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It’s only when another body comes into our atmosphere…

Today, the Summer Solstice.

In the northern hemisphere today, we are closest to our sun. Science explains it by defining the distance between us and it as the Earth tilts closest and calls it a solstice. But what if the implications are more metaphysical? What if today is special because we are closest to that energy that brings us life. This is a day when the fewest shadows are cast. It marks the end of a grand, solar inhale… this is likened to the power of a full moon, excepting that it’s a very different energy, and exudes more power. Many before us celebrated this day because they understood its significance. This is a day of praying what we want that is good and from good. This is a day of gratitude for all that we have. Use today’s energy to help you to see all that has been given to you from love. Be aware that not only does our being closest to the sun fuel our hopes and dreams if we can be in a positive space, but it will add fire and heat to any that are in negative space… So today you’ll see people’s reactions manifest in extremes. Make sure you are in the right light. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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