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It’s not natural for everything to grow at the same rate

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It’s not natural for everything to grow at the same rate

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Today, like blades of grass.

When you have been told that whatever it is that’s troubling you will be worked out… then your focus needs to be on you trusting in that. Try not to put more energy into speeding things along or getting involved before you’re needed. This is a big theme right now for many of us… we are undergoing changes and so are those around you. Maybe because you have awareness that you’re changing and you see yourself as growing… keep in mind that the others are growing too. Just like grass, all blades have different heights and widths – and the same with people. It’s not natural for everything to grow at the same rate. Because things time out differently, everything doesn’t bloom and die at the same time. Everyone is part of a bigger field… it’s how you blend in or stand out that is your’s to find. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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