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It’s in between the trips that you really see what it means to you

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It’s in between the trips that you really see what it means to you

Today, it’s like a car trip.

When you’re questioning what you’re here for and you’re not receiving an answer… it doesn’t mean there isn’t one. It’s like being in a car. When you’re driving, how many bends and side streets do you see in advance? You see some. You also can guess based upon experience from other places you’ve been where some of the landmarks might be. But you don’t get it all. Sometimes you have to just drive and see. It’s so you can move about without being completely lost or with too many choices, which also bogs you down. We are here to question. Of course we wonder what we’re here for. And it is exploration of the unknown that allows us to apply all we’ve learned. You have to do the miles. There are break downs along the way, and there are really great places to see too. It’s in between the trips that you really see what it all meant to you. I hope you see that. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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