It’s hard to see what to do from this place

Today, your little mountain.

If you continue to stir it, you never get a chance to see what got incorporated and what is left at the bottom. We do that to ourselves a lot. We allow one emotion or thought to fuel another negative feeling and back and forth until we’ve built a little mountain of sadness we’re standing on. On top, peering out onto the landscape, it’s not surprising that from our vantage point it’s hard for us to see what to do positively. The little mountain doesn’t provide the right view and when we climb back down, it blocks us from moving freely. Good news is, if you’re being challenged by this right now, is that you can always dismantle what you’ve built. You’ve already tried getting over it and it always pops back up in front you. How long is this going to continue? Until you stop building it or tear down the one you’re on now. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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