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It means you have to change what you take credit for

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It means you have to change what you take credit for

Today, to be guided.

We have the chance to start each day new. We can choose to bring yesterday’s issues with us… but it’s really up to ourselves to face the day with a beginner’s mind. When you are present in the moment, there is clarity and you know what and how much you can do for the situation at hand. It’s when we project out… going backward in time to past experiences… or forward, trying to visualize our plans fulfilled, that we block our connection to Source and Spirit. We think we have control so we intercede or extract ourselves at the wrong time into circumstances and sometimes, in the wrong way, when we try to be the architect and the builder. To be guided means that you are willing, and make yourself available to hear and see what you’re shown. It means you have to change what you take credit for… good and bad. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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