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It is one of our natural laws here…

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It is one of our natural laws here…

Today, who are you connected to?

If you have been challenged by the energy over the last few weeks, the Sun in Cancer has a way of heating up those issues of connectedness with others. This feeling has been described like… “trying to fit into the conversation and when it’s your time to speak, whatever you’ve said doesn’t go well and everyone just looks at you and doesn’t respond, and then someone else says something, and everyone joins in again.” It seems you are serious when others aren’t and what they seem serious about, you don’t see it that way. Just like all the changes we see happening on the planet, those energies are also influencing each of us. So everyone consciously or not, is looking for those vibrations that best fit. For some of us, it means we need different energy now and so it becomes more and more difficult to connect with those who do not share your vibe. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong or broken in some way, you just need to be you, be open and allow Universe to do it’s work. It is on of our natural laws here that you attract like things… and so others are looking for you too. You will all come together very soon. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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