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Is your internal warning system going off?

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Is your internal warning system going off?

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Today, why you’re feeling it.

It may be hard to believe, but you have been here before. Not just in this set of circumstances, but in a previous life. The connection between the “you” that’s here and the you that is not, and the form you take (your being-ness), resides in your DNA. As you make changes, your DNA records those changes. It is the hard drive of you. It is bio-mechanism to your individuality – what makes you and your personality. As a result, we carry impulses from previous lives that we have recorded. So as we walk in this life, inside at work, is a recollection of what it felt like right before a big event happened in a past life – it is an energetic milestone embedded in the memory in the code of you. So if you ask yourself and the anxiety you’re feeling isn’t yours… and isn’t their’s… what is it? It could be the recollection of moments before one of your previous life’s events where this energy is similar to then… and therefore, generates a recognizable result… it’s your built-in warning system. If it’s going off… it could be a sign. You need to think about what you’re being warned of. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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