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Instinct will guide you

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Instinct will guide you

The best way to describe the energy is if you can visualize a stream of water, clear and running straight past…. and then visualize someone stomping in the water… disrupting it, making it divert, agitating it… and you’re under the water and near them, and you hear and feel the swooshing… so it is with the energy today. This energy stream and this counter-energy stream. And I’m feeling where they meet.

When the energy is like this, it shows me we are in moments of change. So be open to what you have to shift and it’s not so much by your doing, but you do have to respond to it. A dramatic example might be… you’re at a race, and the car loses traction and is heading toward the bleachers… you will have to move to avoid what’s coming at you. Instinct will guide you.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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