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In the afterglow of the Full Moon

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In the afterglow of the Full Moon

Many blessings everyone. We are still in the afterglow of the Full Moon. The energy is moving from expansion into the contraction phase and after today, you’ll begin to feel it. Contraction is the exhale, the letting go, the shedding of hurts, misunderstandings and negative thinking. At least that’s what you can use it for.

For most, conscious or not, the waning phase of the moon brings out the old, the hidden, the locked away, and presents it in your current circumstance. So this 1/2 of the moon phase has a more negative stigma to it… but it’s not really that way. It’s just which part of the mechanism you’re focused on.

Light dispels shadows… but also creates them. As one part of you is illuminated, another part becomes hidden in the folds, or angles where the light can’t penetrate. So it’s a constantly changing process of a swirl – like what you see in the galaxy. Check out the image for this post = as above so below.

Use the energy of today to complete tasks powered from the full moon. Finalize details and plans and any chores related.

Treat yourself to a good meal this evening – something that feels comforting to you.

Take a moment and light a candle, and just review all you have accomplished in the last 2 weeks.

Sincerely thank Spirit and all who are working with you and looking out for you. You are loved. Go ahead and set your intentions now. 💖🙏

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