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Improve your reality later with some good action today

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Improve your reality later with some good action today

This will change soon.

Are you keeping yourself in the same spot unknowingly? It’s not that you haven’t been trying to move yourself forward, it’s just that the way in which you’re trying isn’t getting you anywhere. If your car is stuck and all you are doing is moving it back and forth in the hole because you don’t have enough power to get out… the hole actually gets worse. So you must stop and dig yourself out or pull yourself out. You might get lucky and someone shows up to help… but most times you just have to figure it out for yourself. So if you are finding that you are just moving back and forth and going nowhere, stop. Take a moment and see what you can do and what you have to work with to get yourself going. Don’t let your belief that this is how it is, keep you from action. You didn’t see it was going to be this way in advance, it became this way. Same with your exit. Sometimes you can’t know in advance. Your response to what is happening creates the reality in live time and sometimes you can improve your reality later, by some good action today, even though you’re not feeling it. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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