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Good morning – many blessings to you from the Soulfish Sanctuary here in the desert 🙏

An illusion is something that has been wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. Many of the hurts we bring up when we’re triggered, are really illusions. If you find that you’re repeating a past story to yourself right now – is it because it’s relevant now and you’re living that reality? Or is it coming up because you need to get it out.

Illusions are fantasies without hope. Illusions say this is how it is… when it’s not. The funny thing about these stories – is that it only works to bring you down when you have something going on right now that has the same energy signature. So a past event is a (-2) and it’s being brought up… what else is going on currently that is a (-2) that’s triggering the past story? If you don’t have any stimulus that’s triggering you… then this is an illusion and you need to dispel it.

When you have cyclic forces (like as explained by cosmology) which influence the planets and the matter on those planets, sometimes what’s being brought up in you, are caused by exterior energies – outside of you – affecting you on the inside. Sometimes the energies aren’t yours – you just have to ride it out. It’s a weekend of this. Just a little awareness will help you from circling the drain into the illusion of your past hurts. You’ve come a long way from being that person and being in that place. It’s different now.

Go ahead and set your intentions. Much love 🙏💖

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