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If it’s hard finding hope

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If it’s hard finding hope

Today, when you least expect it.

The idea of hope is complicated. Some describe it as an illusion and so not to be trusted. I tend to think of hope as the ignition for your spark. I think of hope as necessary and fundamental from my own experience and also because I think without hope, it means nothing can change. Hope can be illusive sometimes too. While you’re seeking it, it seems to hide and just when you least expect it, it appears. I am always glad when I find hope. Aren’t you? It is a stimulus. It means the beginning of something. I also believe that hope is part of dreaming and dreams are seed plants for how we find and become our purpose. So if it’s hard finding hope right now… let it find you. It always shows up at just the right time. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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