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If I share what I’ve learned and been shown

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If I share what I’ve learned and been shown

Today, my practice shows me how.

There are some great things to consider about seclusion and not wanting to have others around. BUT we are meant to share with others… it is part of our makeup. As an Empath it’s very hard to share and be open to feel all the stuff going on around me, and that’s why a personal spiritual practice is so important. It keeps me on track when I’m not
sure where the track is and where I am on it. My practice allows me to gain understanding from what I’m sensing when there are no comparisons here to explain what’s going on. My practice shows me how, as I overcome challenges with understanding and from a loving spirit (which means not from fear or opposition), these experiences made me grow and become a better person. My practice is about the quality of life I have today and realizing my true potential, which can only occur, if I share what I’ve learned and been shown. It works that way for you too. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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