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Hard to tap in

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Hard to tap in

Many blessings on this New Moon and Solar eclipse. 🙏 You may have found it hard to feel tapped in over the hours leading up to and throughout today. You’re not broken and your antenna isn’t down… it’s just that there is so much background noise… it’s hard for clear communication. It’s like your TV going in and out… you see the picture… then fuzzy… then you kind of see but everything is blurry with the static.. then clear picture and so on… seems random and there is no pattern to when it’s clear and when it’s not.

So when you can and feel it, tap in. When you can’t, don’t try to. Don’t try to anticipate when it will be clear again… when it is, be there and be ready for it. We have such big energies happening – your system can only process so much – so the static you’re experiencing may be a built-in safety mechanism so you don’t burn out and burn up with the flows. These are transformative energies and conscious-building energies. This is powerful stuff and it’s happening for the remainder of the month, and past the full moon. I want you to know where you are in the process.

You’ve heard about a new wave of consciousness that will help to enlighten us all… maybe we’re experiencing that now. Day-to-day events shape our outlook and our world… what happens when we experience great events? We see that good can over turn evil. We see that when we’re at the darkest moment and we act from love… light penetrates the darkness and sweeps it away. ⭐️ Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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