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Good thoughts are amplified

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Good thoughts are amplified

You’ll feel energy building as we head toward the Full Moon – the faucet is slowly being turned on now.

What this means is that pressure will subtly grow over today – until this cycle completes with the Full Moon. The effects are usually seen in little ways. Small things go wrong, you drop this, lose that, this thing breaks… not that it’s an increase in these things… just that the small things trigger people more. So keep an eye on that and don’t get swept up.

It’s not this case for everyone. For some, this is an opening time, a time of positive wishes and increased focus on what’s good. It’s time when your good thoughts and feelings can be amplified (just like your shadow). Set your intentions on recognizing love in small ways, in what you find in nature, when someone treats another kindly, and when you hear music and even when you don’t. Many blessings to you.

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