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Follow your plan

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Follow your plan

Energy is much better today for your plans. You may have been feeling a little anxious about what’s piling up on you, but you’ll find your schedule will clear a bit allowing you to approach your work in an easier way. Yay for that!

If you remember us discussing putting a list together so when you’re not feeling it, you don’t think, you just go inside and follow your plan… put your head down, put your left foot in front of the right, and march. Today is a good day to get that list out.

We’re still in a space where you want to follow your plan, but for the next few days, you’re still trying to avoid big decisions. So it’s more about framing those things in your plan in a way that you can relate to in your present form, so you can start to generate some interest and excitement in you.

When you feel you’ve been doing a lot of work and all you see is more work ahead, even though you also know you’re investing in yourself and it will be good for you in the near future, it feels like a marathon. It’s hard to be pumped up when you’re tired of the tilling.

But this kind of pressure won’t last much longer, hang in there, it is a marathon… it’s not about placing, just finishing. So if you haven’t been taking a few minutes in the morning and/or at night to settle yourself – this is a really good time to develop your practice 🙏

Be the best you and it will all work out.

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